McKenny-family-bench-IMG-9179.jpg IMG_0039-father-&-son-Columbus.jpg Harry.jpg Couple-McKenny-IMG-8966.jpg IMG_0018&7-family-four-Columbus.jpg Mum-&-toddler-IMG_1805.jpg Sisters-IMG-6859.jpg Hector.jpg Alexander.jpg Petra.jpg children-&-parents-IMG_0957.jpg Trigwell family.jpg Three-siblings-IMG-6016.jpg Ottilie-holding-balloon-7435.jpg Delaney.jpg Teenagers-IMG_1401.jpg Large-family-group-IMG-2152.jpg Laughing-Charlie-thru-tree-IMG-8539.jpg Blue-eyed-baby-IMG-6272.jpg Phoebe-IMG_1970.jpg Boy-holding-leaf-IMG_0913-2.jpg Winter-Carrie-IMG_5301.jpg Mum-w-teenage-kids-IMG_4494-4.jpg Emilia.jpg Imogen-homepage.jpg Katya-&-Mark-homepage.jpg Outdoor-natural-headshot-Georgie.jpg Mother-&-toddler-Fossey-IMG-8123.jpg Family-walking-IMG-6027.jpg Kate&Lana---homepage.jpg Family-walking-IMG_1725.jpg Parents w baby.jpg Lara-IMG_1551.jpg Imogen-Fear.jpg Vernon.jpg
  • My approach to photography is simple – capturing natural looks and genuine expressions that truly reflect an individual’s personality.
  • I specialise in family, children and baby photography.  
  • With children and families, it's great to get out and about to a favourite place and photograph the kids being themselves.  
  • I ensure that photo shoots are fun and relaxed for you whilst I focus on capturing that special moment.
  • I'm based in Cambridge, UK and there are plenty of great locations in and around Cambridgeshire for outdoor shoots or I can come to your home.
  • Check out my facebook page for various offers and discounts as well as images from my latest shoots